Jesus Week

Sermon Series

Jesus Week: Intro

Our mission as followers of Jesus is to become more and more like Him. And when Jesus gave us the Greatest Commandment, He provided a blueprint for doing that very thing: by loving God fully with our heart, soul, mind and strength, plus loving others as well. Over these next …

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All In – Together

In last week’s message from “Jesus Week,” we looked at Jesus’ call to go ALL IN with all we are — heart, soul, mind, strength, and relationships. But as we look at Scripture, we come to understand this is not something we’re to do alone. We’re called to go ALL …

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All In – Empowered

When Jesus gave His greatest command — to go ALL IN with our love for God and others — he knew we wouldn’t be able to do this in our own strength. All humanity has experienced pain and sin that’s left us broken. So, “He washed away our sins, giving us …

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