Pastor Sergio Gomez

Sermon Speaker

Rekindle Part 7

When we’re about to rekindle something of God’s purposes in our lives, voices can come to discourage us and tell us why we CAN’T do it! How can we cancel out those negative voices? Pastor Sergio explores the three voices David heard before going to battle with Goliath, and how …

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Who Am I?

Today Pastor Sergio shares with us how we do not need to be perfect to be part of something important. God has already given us everything we need within us to do what he has called us to do to which is to fulfill his purpose.

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All In – Together

In last week’s message from “Jesus Week,” we looked at Jesus’ call to go ALL IN with all we are — heart, soul, mind, strength, and relationships. But as we look at Scripture, we come to understand this is not something we’re to do alone. We’re called to go ALL …

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