Our Missionaries to Mexico

Join Team Arreola!

Joel and Veronica are Foursquare missionaries to Mexico. After years of pastoring the Spanish congregation at the Santa Maria Foursquare Church, God has led them in 2018 to serve the people of Playa del Carmen, in southern Mexico.

Southern Mexico is a strategic location for what God is doing through Foursquare Mexico. Most of the work there has been focused in the north, and there are few Foursquare churches in the central or southern parts of the country. The church where the Arreolas are serving, Casa de Fe (House of Faith), is the only Foursquare church in the entire state of Quintana Roo. In fact, it’s the only Foursquare church in the entire region of southern Mexico!

But Joel and Veronica’s passion for Jesus, and their ability to serve people of diverse cultures, makes them a strong ministry team. They are bilingual, bicultural, and are a vibrant and experienced pastoral couple. Having both been born in Mexico and raised in the United States, they have a solid understanding of the spiritual and relational needs of those they are serving.

Their vision is to strengthen the Foursquare church in southern Mexico, and from there, raise up ministry leaders who will help to plant new churches throughout the region.

But they can’t do this alone. They need others on their team. Would you become a member of Team Arreola and partner with them in this important ministry to Mexico?

Here are three things you can do to partner with the Arreolas:

  1. Pray! Please pray for Joel and Veronica that God would give them strong vision and endurance motivated by love. Pray also that all their needs would be met — both personally and for the ministry.
  2. Give! The need is real. Their ministry will not thrive without people investing in the mission. And while one-time gifts are always a blessing, what is most needed is for churches and individuals to pledge monthly support for the ongoing ministry in southern Mexico. CLICK HERE to go to the Santa Maria Foursquare online giving page. From there you can choose to give a one-time gift to "Mexico Missions" or create an account to set up a recurring contribution for the Arreolas.
  3. Go! The Santa Maria Foursquare Church is committed to being the Arreola’s base of support, and this includes taking teams to partner with them in ministry. If you would like to be a part of a future team to southern Mexico, please CLICK HERE and tell us of your interest.

Thank you for being a part of Team Arreola and
supporting what God is doing in southern Mexico!