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Saying YES to God!

What does it mean to say YES to God? Who exactly am I being saying YES to, and what exactly am I be saying YES to? This article shares some answers from the Bible on these important questions.


Community Groups

Community Groups, in both English and Spanish, are at the heart of our church family. Groups meet each month to Play and Pray together, and once a quarter to Serve a need in our city.


Serve Santa Maria

On Saturday, April 29, we'll be joining with many others to SERVE our city! We'll be specifically working to beautify a street right here in NW Santa Maria. Meet up at the Abel Maldonado Center at 8:30am.


Listen in to a recent message...

God calls us to be people – and a church – who put our roots down deep. No root, no fruit! Discover where God is calling our church to put roots down even more deeply.

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