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SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2020

This Sunday, May 31, we celebrate the day of Pentecost. It's in Acts 2 we read about the Holy Spirit first being poured out on the followers of Jesus. It says they were sitting in a room together and all of the sudden, "what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit" (Acts 2:3-4). The same Spirit that filled the followers of Jesus thousands of years ago is available to you today!

And we need the Spirit's power more than ever. In our own strength and wisdom we lack the ability to minister effectively to a world that is so utterly broken. But with God's empowerment, all things are possible!

Would you join me on Pentecost Sunday — from 9-9:30 am — in crying out for God's mercy on our nation? We'll each pray in our homes, but we'll be joined together in the Spirit! 

And CLICK HERE to see my short video regarding the killing of George Floyd, and our need — individually and as a nation — to respond in repentance.

Also on this Pentecost Sunday, we're starting a two-week series called "Finding Faith in Jesus." You might remember in Acts that after the Holy Spirit was poured out, thousands immediately put their faith in Jesus! That can happen again. Would you invite friends, family, and neighbors to watch along with you — or send them a link so they can watch this week?

Also happening now...

Safari Kids Virtual Experience!
Starting this Sunday Safari Kids will have the option to take part in their very own gospel-based lessons sponsored by the Santa Maria Foursquare Church and Orange Curriculum. These video lessons can be found on the Safari Kids Facebook page. Help your kids, from preschool to sixth grade, log on so they can be encouraged by lessons made just for them!

Salvation Army Volunteer Signups!
We are joining with the Salvation Army each Tuesday in June to feed the under-resourced in our community. We will be working on-site at the Salvation Army on Cook Street between 9:45 am - 12:30 pm. ALL age groups are invited to serve - to help with food preparation. You will not be interacting with the public. We are looking for volunteers to SIGN UP... don't just SHOW UP! If you are available to serve, please email us at info@sm4.org and we'll contact you with instructions.

Giving Generously to Playa Del Carmen!
We are so grateful to all those in our church family who have been giving financially to help support our missionaries in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with an emergency food relief ministry. So far we have raised $5,000 to help this cause. We will be continuing to give to this emergency food ministry through the end of July, so if you would like to contribute, either give online by using the dropdown menu on PushPay and select "Special", or you can give through the mail by sending a check with "Food for Mexico" written in the memo line.

You can CLICK HERE for instructions to give online, or text SM4 to 77977. Or you can always mail checks made out to the church (709 N. Curryer St., Santa Maria, CA 93458).

You are loved...
Pastor Tim


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