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When God Hits Pause Pt 4

The Apostle Paul wrote to followers of Jesus, telling them to be aware of the enemy’s schemes. And since the beginning, his most often-used scheme is to lie. In fact, Jesus called the devil the “father of lies.” Through the story of King Hezekiah, we’ll identify five of the enemy’s …

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When God Hits Pause Pt 3

Pauses in our story are not barriers to God’s deep work in our lives — they are actually the way He carries it out. Pastor Dennis Easter talks about three kinds of wordless expressions that appear in these pause times. They are sighs, unspoken prayers that are cries for God’s …

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When God Hits Pause Pt 2

Pastor Gary Howse picks up the theme of God’s pauses, by reminding us that they are purposeful. God’s intent is that these pauses — when it seems like God isn’t involved or even aware of our situation — will deepen our walk with Him. Gary looks at a time when …

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Life in Review

We began 2019 by looking at what Jesus said was the greatest commandment. It was an opportunity to: REDEEM any area of life that had been broken REALIGN any area of life where we had drifted, and REIGNITE any area of life that had grown cold  At the end of …

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The Christmas Announcement

Most people don’t like change. But the reality of that first Christmas is that it was incredibly disruptive. In fact, Christmas changed everything — the God who created the universe showed up and intersected human history. And the announcement of this miracle was made by an angel to some shepherds, and at …

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Hell’s Malware

What is sin? Many would say sin is doing “bad things” that trample over the boundaries God has established. But what if it’s more sinister than that? What if sin opens a door for hell to upload “malware” into our soul — malicious code designed to destroy our perception of …

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