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If Jesus… is Lord

In this series we’ve been talking about three main attributes of Jesus: He is here, He is good, and today, He is Lord. But is one of these more important than the others? Yes! Everything else about Jesus flows from his Lordship. He has all authority over all things, and …

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If Jesus… is Good

When you hear that “Jesus is good,” you’re actually hearing a code phrase that means much more. It’s a statement declaring that EVERYTHING about Jesus is good – his nature, his mission, and his message are completely good all the time. And in today’s message we’re looking at one story, …

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If Jesus… is Here

God’s mission has always been to be present with us in continual, life-giving relationship. We see that throughout Scripture — from the start to the end. And Jesus’ promise is that he would be with us ALWAYS. But though Jesus is here with us, we’re not always aware of his …

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Thinking About Jesus

We all have two columns in our minds: one for WINS and another for LOSSES. When you think about this past year you’d be able to put lots of things into one of those two categories: relationships, your health, your finances, emotional and mental health, etc. This kind of list …

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Securing My Future

We’ve reached the end of our journey through the 260 chapters of the New Testament, and are in the final chapters of Revelation. Today we learn about heaven in an incredible description of its size and beauty — plus we discover what’s in and what’s out; who’s in and who’s …

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A Christmas of Rest

Rest is always seen as God’s blessing. From Genesis through Revelation, including the Christmas story, rest is a deep, complete and lasting peace that brings calm not only to the storms around us, but the storms within us. Today we’re looking at God’s vision of rest, including how we can …

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Great Joy to ALL People

Can Revelation have anything to do with the Christmas story? Absolutely! It’s in Revelation 5 we find that Jesus died to ransom ALL PEOPLE! That’s the very same message the angel proclaimed on the night of Jesus’ birth: that his coming was good news that will bring great joy to …

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The Next Advent

As we enter this Christmas Advent season, celebrating the first arrival of Jesus into the world, we are mindful of his promise that there will be a second advent, when he’ll return again. Today’s message is the first of our Christmas series through the book of Revelation, and we’re reintroduced …

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A Beautiful Thing

There’s a showdown in Bethany: Mary VS Judas. Mary has anointed Jesus in an extravagantly generous act of worship, and Judas is having none of it. That’s when Jesus steps in declares that what Mary has done is a beautiful thing. What we see is that Mary and Judas had …

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