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No Gospel at All

The Apostle Paul was alarmed and angry when he was writing to his friends in the region of Galatia. People had been coming into the churches there, trying to get them to follow a different gospel — which Paul said was no gospel at all. So, what is the gospel? …

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Receiving God’s Blessing

Jesus’ primary mission was to bless humanity. And the primary obstacle in the way of receiving that blessing is sin. That’s why Jesus went to the cross, in order to destroy sin’s power over us. Today we’re looking at three of the massive blessings that flow into a life that’s …

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Day One Celebration

There is power in focus. It’s why people make New Year’s resolutions — to FOCUS their energies on things that need attention. Today Pastor Tim shares three areas of focus for SM4 in 2023: Prayer, God’s Word (including our new 260 Journals), and the development and release of Leadership. Dive …

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Our Christmas Hope

Much of life is spent in the “waiting room,” living in anticipation of receiving what God has promised — but it’s not here yet. We’re still waiting. Why would God make us linger and not immediately provide us what’s been promised? That’s what we’re discovering today through the Christmas story …

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