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Ambassador Training

God always includes people in his plan — ordinary, broken people like you and me! We’re actually called “ambassadors of Christ,” and speak on God’s behalf. The question isn’t whether or not we’re representing God — but how well we’re representing him! Today we discover how we can become stronger …

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Life in the Spirit

The Bible promises that the Holy Spirit is not only in us, but we’re called to share his grace, love, and power with the world around us. We do this not in our own smarts or strength, but through his gifting. But because of ignorance or immaturity, some followers of …

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Taming Temptation

Today, Pastor Mike teaches us how temptation occurs a lot in our lives, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We are not tempted by God, but temptation can turn into a bad thing when it leads us to committing a sin.

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The Power of Truth

Often times we hear voices speaking to us, in our minds and sometimes through other people. Now, what do you do with the words of those voices, because those thoughts can either be for good or evil. Today, Pastor Gary explains how we can overcome those lies that we hear.

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Our Mission

In John 15, Jesus not only gives us our mission (being wildly fruitful) but tells us how to accomplish it (staying connected to him). We explore what it means to be fruitful, and how this mission is the same for us individually and as a church. Pastor Tim also shares …

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The Jesus Mantra

What we repeat matters. It not only sticks in our minds, but it can change the direction of our lives. And the ideas we repeat about Jesus are of the greatest importance. Today we look at three truths that are at the core of our faith and are worth affirming …

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