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Strong at Home: Kids

When their enemies were planning an attack, Nehemiah gathered the people and encouraged them with this: “Remember the Lord…and fight” (Neh. 4:14​)! And who did he say to fight for? Their families. Today we continue tracking the story of Nehemiah as we look specifically at how to fight for our …

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Strong at Home: Emotions

God cares about your emotional wellbeing! Today we continue tracking the story of Nehemiah and learn how his enemies worked to bring confusion and fear to God’s people (using the exact same tactics our enemy uses against us today!). We’re also joined by therapist and university president, Angie Richey, to …

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Strong at Home: The Mind

God has given us incredible minds to help protect us from becoming overwhelmed with the arguments swirling around us. But for some, the number of things they’ve had to process over the past year has been like rising floodwaters — just too much. How can we rebuild strong minds after …

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Strong at Home

We’ve all found that home is the new hub for our lives! But if home-life isn’t strong, it negatively impacts everything. In this new “Strong at Home” series, we’re tracing the story of Nehemiah, who was used by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Along the way, we’ll be …

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Distracted or Directed

Life is full of distractions — especially over this past year! But God doesn’t call us to live distracted lives. And he’s given us his word to provide us with the direction we need to live on purpose. Pastor Gary unpacks five questions to help us see if we’re directing …

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Who Am I?

Today Pastor Sergio shares with us how we do not need to be perfect to be part of something important. God has already given us everything we need within us to do what he has called us to do to which is to fulfill his purpose.

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