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Rekindle Part 7

When we’re about to rekindle something of God’s purposes in our lives, voices can come to discourage us and tell us why we CAN’T do it! How can we cancel out those negative voices? Pastor Sergio explores the three voices David heard before going to battle with Goliath, and how …

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Rekindle Part 6

Over the last weeks, we’ve been asking God to “rekindle” an expectation for God’s power to be shown in our lives and through our lives. But we need to do more than demonstrate God’s power. We need to demonstrate His love. When His love and power are working together in …

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Rekindle Part 5

Before Jesus left for heaven, he told his followers that he’d be sending the Holy Spirit to baptize them with power. These disciples already had the Spirit IN them, but now the Spirit would be coming UPON them for empowerment. This gift wasn’t just for them — it’s for US …

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Rekindle Part 4

God’s presence is his power. And he’s available at all times — no matter what we’re facing — through the Holy Spirit. On this Pentecost Sunday, we discover a simple way of engaging the work of the Spirit by calling on him, acknowledging his presence, then asking him what he …

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Rekindle Part 3

Who is the “kindler” in our lives? It’s God, the Holy Spirit! In this message we take a look at who Jesus said he’d be sending to be both WITH us and IN us. The Holy Spirit is an ever-present help, available to us at all times, no matter what …

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Rekindle Part 2

Whenever we face discouragement or despair, we run the risk of losing confidence in the true Jesus. We may still believe he loves and forgives us — but become less certain that he is still the all-powerful, miracle-working God. But he IS the Lord of all, and even today, nothing …

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Rekindle Part 1

Jesus is described as one who won’t break off a bruised reed or put out a flickering flame. In other words, he mends and rekindles. It’s what he does. None are too damaged or too far gone for him! Today we look at a miracle rekindling story that reminds us …

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Easter: Living and True

Have you ever felt like your faith was small? If so, you’re in good company — including all those who were followers of Jesus on that very first Easter. They were stuck in their pain and hopelessness. But…something changed that made all the difference in their stories. And it can …

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Growing in Jesus

Have you ever met someone who calls themselves a “Christian,” but they act nothing like Jesus? Way too common! It’s what happens when people become “converts,” but never step into a life of discipleship. Today we’re double-clicking on the three words we use at SM4 to describe what discipleship is …

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