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A Tale of Two People

Psalm One presents a vivid picture of two types of people, the choices that they make, and the destinations they reach. Our key thought for this week will be the delight the righteous man has in reading, meditating, and applying the truths of Scripture, and the blessing that brings into …

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3 Critical Errors

Have you ever had a “critical error” pop up on your computer? No fun. It can totally shut you down. As frustrating as they are, what’s even worse are critical errors in our lives. And they can happen all too often in the areas of our faith. Today we’re looking …

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Natural Conversations about God

Have you ever thought: “I can’t share my love of Jesus with a friend. I just wouldn’t know what to say. I haven’t learned enough Scripture.” Those are pretty normal thoughts. But what we’re learning is that we can always share what we’ve experienced — and we don’t need to …

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Men’s Summit — Session 3

Our men were blessed to be with hundreds of other guys from many churches around the Central Coast for a Men’s Summit with Pastor Jon Tyson. Jon’s words were on-point for so many, speaking right to our hearts and situations as men and fathers. Make sure you listen to all …

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