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The Plan

The Bible is God’s Word for all people for all time. But it’s also a big book that can be a bit intimidating. Where do we dive in?

Maybe you know that the Bible is broken into two main parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament tells us everything that happened before Jesus came into the world — it’s the origin story of our faith. But the New Testament is the good news itself. It’s the story of Jesus and the sacrifice He made so we could have relationship with Him.

It’s the New Testament that we’ll be diving in together as a church family. And here’s something amazing — the New Testament is made up of 260 chapters — the exact same number of weekdays there are in a year!

>> The plan is to read through the New Testament in a year, one chapter a day, Monday through Friday.

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Download the plan!

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Read & Respond

Reading through the Bible is an important practice for followers of Jesus — but it’s never meant to be about checking off boxes on a schedule.

It’s about life transformation.

As we read, God enables us to discover who He is and His plan for our lives. Then as we take these discoveries and put them to work in our lives, we become more and more like Jesus.

To help capture and activate the discoveries you’re making while reading the Bible, be ready to write them down. Every time you read, take a few minutes to write out three things:

1. Insights

What grabbed my attention? What is God showing me?

2. Implications

This has to do with answering the question: “So what?” How do these insights impact my life — my relationships, work or school, finances, attitude, etc.? How is Jesus calling me to become more like Him, or challenging me to take a new step of faith?

3. Intercession

Turn these insights and implications into prayer. Ask God for the strength and courage to put His Word into practice — then do it!

Questions about the Bible?

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