Mike Foell

Sermon Speaker

The Next Advent

As we enter this Christmas Advent season, celebrating the first arrival of Jesus into the world, we are mindful of his promise that there will be a second advent, when he’ll return again. Today’s message is the first of our Christmas series through the book of Revelation, and we’re reintroduced …

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Taming Temptation

Today, Pastor Mike teaches us how temptation occurs a lot in our lives, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We are not tempted by God, but temptation can turn into a bad thing when it leads us to committing a sin.

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A Slave of God

When we hear the idea about being a “slave of God,” it’s difficult to comprehend. For most of us it’s such a counterintuitive, and even negative, concept. But in Scripture, James and others talk about it in a very positive way. Today, Pastor Mike unpacks this idea and shares the …

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Taking Men Alive

Taking inspiration from Jesus’ promise to make his followers “fishers of people,” Pastor Mike helps us grapple with the amazing diversity of ways to share the good news of Jesus with others.

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Our Christmas Hope

Much of life is spent in the “waiting room,” living in anticipation of receiving what God has promised — but it’s not here yet. We’re still waiting. Why would God make us linger and not immediately provide us what’s been promised? That’s what we’re discovering today through the Christmas story …

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A Tale of Two People

Psalm One presents a vivid picture of two types of people, the choices that they make, and the destinations they reach. Our key thought for this week will be the delight the righteous man has in reading, meditating, and applying the truths of Scripture, and the blessing that brings into …

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Anchored in Community

Being Anchored in Community really means to be anchored in relationship. Pastor Mike shares with us how important community was in the New Testament church and how critical it is for us today. Over these past seasons that have led so many into isolation, God continues to propel his people …

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