Pastor Gary Howse

Sermon Speaker

The Power of Truth

Often times we hear voices speaking to us, in our minds and sometimes through other people. Now, what do you do with the words of those voices, because those thoughts can either be for good or evil. Today, Pastor Gary explains how we can overcome those lies that we hear.

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Rekindle Part 3

Who is the “kindler” in our lives? It’s God, the Holy Spirit! In this message we take a look at who Jesus said he’d be sending to be both WITH us and IN us. The Holy Spirit is an ever-present help, available to us at all times, no matter what …

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Distracted or Directed

Life is full of distractions — especially over this past year! But God doesn’t call us to live distracted lives. And he’s given us his word to provide us with the direction we need to live on purpose. Pastor Gary unpacks five questions to help us see if we’re directing …

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