Pastor Tim Mossholder

Sermon Speaker

Facing Opposition: Romans 8

In one of the most iconic passages from the book of Romans, we’re hit with several non-rhetorical questions. It starts off with, “If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” And the answer is simple: lots of people! The reality is we face all kinds of opposition …

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Love-Informed Wisdom

One of the most memorable promises in the New Testament is found in the first chapter Philippians. We’re told that God will carry on to completion the good work he began in us. That’s great news — but what exactly does that look like? In the following verses, Paul actually …

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I Am Not Ashamed

Jesus talks about shame, but not in a way we typically think about it. In Mark 8, Jesus makes the hard statement that if we’re ashamed of him, then he’ll be ashamed of us. These are hard words, but Jesus isn’t being harsh. He’s being real. His words call us …

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A New and Living Way

Our POV: “I’d do anything to find real life!” – God’s POV: “I did everything to give you real life!” What Jesus did through the cross and that first Easter was to create a NEW and LIVING WAY. He did it for all of humanity, even the most broken and …

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No Gospel at All

The Apostle Paul was alarmed and angry when he was writing to his friends in the region of Galatia. People had been coming into the churches there, trying to get them to follow a different gospel — which Paul said was no gospel at all. So, what is the gospel? …

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