Pastor Tim Mossholder

Sermon Speaker

Finding Faith in Jesus Part 2

CLICK HERE to watch a video presentation of this message. As we continue to pray and seek God on behalf of our nation and world, this week it is very appropriate that the second part of our two-week series, Finding Faith In Jesus, is all about the restoration and hope that’s only possible because …

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Taking New Ground – Part 9

In this final message in our series, we take a closer look at the life of Joshua. He wasn’t just a warrior-leader for the people of Israel — he was a passionate seeker of God. What can we learn from his life (especially his one singular, defining declaration) about taking …

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Taking New Ground – Part 8

When taking new ground, we’ll be faced with temptations to take things God never intended for us. That’s the cautionary story found in Joshua Chapter 7, where Achan is exposed for having taken the very things God said not to touch. It’s a painful lesson — but one we can …

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