Pastor Tim Mossholder

Sermon Speaker

A Beautiful Thing

There’s a showdown in Bethany: Mary VS Judas. Mary has anointed Jesus in an extravagantly generous act of worship, and Judas is having none of it. That’s when Jesus steps in declares that what Mary has done is a beautiful thing. What we see is that Mary and Judas had …

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The Harvest

In Matthew 9, Jesus told his followers that the “harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” Why aren’t there enough workers — those engaged with Jesus on his mission of redemption? What’s stopping his followers from partnering with him in his work? Those are the topics we explore in …

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Election Year Discipleship

We’re about to enter a year-long election cycle — sure to be filled with angry rhetoric, accusations, and divisions. Unfortunately, many good people get drawn into this “death spiral” of hostility. Could there be another way? Today we’re looking at Scripture that speaks directly into our cultural moment. It answers: …

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Growing in God’s Word

There is something inseparable about God and his word — because the Bible is the primary place where we discover who God is, what he’s promised, and how he invites us in to his story. Reflecting on this, Pastor Tim states: “I am not convinced we can grow in relationship …

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The Power of Perception

The world pressures us to create the “perfect” image of ourselves. But the stress we feel often comes from focusing on the wrong things — trying to perfect things that matter very little. In this message we discover what the Bible says actually matters when it comes to how others …

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Ambassador Training

God always includes people in his plan — ordinary, broken people like you and me! We’re actually called “ambassadors of Christ,” and speak on God’s behalf. The question isn’t whether or not we’re representing God — but how well we’re representing him! Today we discover how we can become stronger …

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Life in the Spirit

The Bible promises that the Holy Spirit is not only in us, but we’re called to share his grace, love, and power with the world around us. We do this not in our own smarts or strength, but through his gifting. But because of ignorance or immaturity, some followers of …

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