Pastor Tim Mossholder

Sermon Speaker

Up & to the Right – Part 2

Even as Jesus calls us to fruitful, full living, life has a way to drag us downward. There seems to be a gravitational pull that’s both natural (the normal bumps and bruises we experience in life) and supernatural (hell’s strategic work against us). Today we’re looking at how we can …

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Up & to the Right – Part 1

Whenever we’re tracking something good in our lives, whether it’s our bank accounts or our productivity at work, we want it to go “up and to the right.” But for many reasons, life doesn’t always go that direction! In fact after the past two years of global trauma, many would …

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A Heart for God Part 2

What is the downside of living with a polluted heart? What’s so bad with letting in a little greed, hate, gossip, lust, pride, etc? We’re looking at three negative results of heart pollution — and gaining insight into why Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart.”

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A Heart for God Part 1

Our hearts have always symbolized the center of life. Not only do they keep our bodies running, but they represent the center of our passions, our will, and our most deeply held beliefs. It’s our hearts that drive our decisions. So it’s critical to ask: do I have a heart …

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Lost & Found Pt 3

When Jesus told stories about things that were lost and found, he was talking to two groups of people: those who knew they were lost (the “sinners”), and others who didn’t think they were lost at all (the “religious” folk). And what both groups learned through his stories was revolutionary. …

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Lost & Found Pt 2

In the stories Jesus tells, we find that God never gives up on us and that he celebrates when we are found! Yes: we have a God who parties (really good parties…with music and dancing!). Why? Because he delights in us. He’s not angry with us, even when we’re lost …

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