Pastor Tim Mossholder

Sermon Speaker

Strong at Home

We’ve all found that home is the new hub for our lives! But if home-life isn’t strong, it negatively impacts everything. In this new “Strong at Home” series, we’re tracing the story of Nehemiah, who was used by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Along the way, we’ll be …

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Positively United

In a year that’s been filled with division, God’s Word speaks of a different possibility, one where we’re called to walk together in unity. And it’s not that we’re to all be the same or think the same — but when it comes to Jesus and his redemptive work, we’re …

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Positively Peaceful

Today Pastor Tim shares from one of the most powerful Scriptures about the peace of God. In Philippians 4, Paul wrote, “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” In that passage, Paul gives us four clues about how we …

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Positively Civil

We’re in a year that can be described as absolutely UN-civil. People are cynical, angry, and even hostile. So why would God want his people to be civil? In Philippians 2, Paul answers that question and points to how we can be positively civil, even in times of real challenge …

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Positively Selfless

What does it mean to be Positively Selfless? It sounds so counter-cultural — because it is! It’s the way of Jesus; the way God’s people are called to live for others. Discover why selflessness is the greatest characteristic of strength, and how we can begin a more selfless lifestyle today.

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