Pastor Tim Mossholder

Sermon Speaker

Christian Conduct 1b

Followers of Jesus are to obey the authorities in their lives. We’re told this repeatedly and consistently in the New Testament. But is “obedience” an iron-clad rule without exception? The Bible shows us there are times when, like the Apostles, “we must obey God rather than any human authority.” Today …

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Christian Conduct 1a

The conduct of those who follow Jesus should be different than how it used to be when we were following our own path. And the Bible is clear that part of that difference is learning to live “under” the authority of others — actually becoming obedient in ways that reflect …

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Christian Conduct 1.5

“Be ready to do whatever is good.” Before we start thinking that statement is a generic Christian throw-away line, we’re going to take a deeper look. And what we find is that this idea — of doing good — is woven throughout Scripture and is at the very core of …

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Christian Conduct 2.0

How does God expect us to live toward each other — especially during challenging times when we have strongly held positions about everything from politics to vaccinations? We find we’re called to a new way of living, radically different from the way we used to be.

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Rekindle Part 6

Over the last weeks, we’ve been asking God to “rekindle” an expectation for God’s power to be shown in our lives and through our lives. But we need to do more than demonstrate God’s power. We need to demonstrate His love. When His love and power are working together in …

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Rekindle Part 5

Before Jesus left for heaven, he told his followers that he’d be sending the Holy Spirit to baptize them with power. These disciples already had the Spirit IN them, but now the Spirit would be coming UPON them for empowerment. This gift wasn’t just for them — it’s for US …

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Rekindle Part 2

Whenever we face discouragement or despair, we run the risk of losing confidence in the true Jesus. We may still believe he loves and forgives us — but become less certain that he is still the all-powerful, miracle-working God. But he IS the Lord of all, and even today, nothing …

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Rekindle Part 1

Jesus is described as one who won’t break off a bruised reed or put out a flickering flame. In other words, he mends and rekindles. It’s what he does. None are too damaged or too far gone for him! Today we look at a miracle rekindling story that reminds us …

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