Wednesday Sessions:
Eight weeks of training and
encouragement for lives of faith.

FALL 2019
September 4 - October 23

Want to keep growing as a follower of Jesus? Wednesday Sessions offers that opportunity to you and every member of your family! Over eight weeks each spring and fall, we gather for dinner as a church family (offered for free in the Gym at 6 pm), then split into different courses.

Plus, there will be Nursery and Pre-K classes and “We Will Rise” is the new class offered just for elementary-aged kids! Live Up, our youth ministry for students in Jr. High and High School, is also in session.

  • EHS or EHR courses are $30 for individuals or $50 for couples
  • FPU is $99 for individuals or couples 
  • If you’ve taken these courses before, you can take them again for free!
  • Kids participate for free- even if parents don’t attend a session

Please sign up for the course of your choice on a Sunday morning in August (and sign your kids up, too!). Limited scholarships are available. 

1.  EHS — Emotionally Healthy Spirituality   |   Facilitator: Ron Cockrell

If you haven’t yet taken the EHS course — start here! We recommend EHS for all those who are part of SM4, as it was created to help believers move into a life-long, transformative relationship with Jesus. In this course you will explore eight different themes, including: the problems of emotionally unhealthy spirituality, how God uses grief and loss in our lives, and establishing rhythms of daily time with Jesus. 

2.  EHR — Emotionally Healthy Relationships   |   Facilitator: Ken Rebhan

While EHS helps us to move into a healthy relationship with Jesus, EHR equips us to have healthy relationships with others! This is a great course both for individuals and married couples. During the eight weeks, you’ll be equipped to: clarify expectations, bring up challenging issues, fight clean, and more. 

3.  FPU — Financial Peace University   |   Facilitator: Kelly Mossholder

Dave Ramsey’s FPU course has helped tens of thousands of people around the world to get debt free while learning the wisdom of building wealth and giving generously. Topics include: building an emergency fund, using the “debt snowball,” developing a budget, saving for retirement, and more. The cost of the course includes one-year’s membership to “Financial Peace” and all its resources. 

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