If Jesus...
If Jesus...
If Jesus... is Good

When you hear that “Jesus is good,” you’re actually hearing a code phrase that means much more. It’s a statement declaring that EVERYTHING about Jesus is good – his nature, his mission, and his message are completely good all the time. And in today’s message we’re looking at one story, just a few minutes from Jesus’ life, that demonstrates the reality of his goodness in so many ways.

We’re going to discover:

He sees us and knows us. | He’s compassionate toward us. | He acts on our behalf – not based on religious protocols, but based on His love. | He works miracles to fix what’s broken. | He is working to bring restoration – restoring any parts of our story that have been damaged by hell.

Jesus is good. He is for you, not against you. And because he’s the same Jesus now that he was when he was on earth, he is completely reliable and worthy of our trust.

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