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Jesus Week: Intro

Our mission as followers of Jesus is to become more and more like Him. And when Jesus gave us the Greatest Commandment, He provided a blueprint for doing that very thing: by loving God fully with our heart, soul, mind and strength, plus loving others as well. Over these next …

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Surrounded by Glory

For many, Christmas has become nothing more than a tiresome ritual. Can the joy be restored? Perhaps a key is to experience the same glory of the Lord that shone around the shepherds that first Christmas night. It terrified them for a moment — but this unexpected, different and supernatural …

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Caleb Quaye: What is Worship?

Caleb Quaye, former lead guitarist for Elton John (and many others!), shares his story of redemption and calling. And he takes us into a deeper understanding of worship. Caleb described worship as, “An act of faith based upon remembrance.” We worship as we remember what Jesus has done for us and …

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