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Never Alone

Loneliness is a modern epidemic. The relationships we crave often elude us, leaving an aching void. But Easter interrupts our isolation. Jesus endured the loneliest moment ever on the cross, forsaken by his Father for our sake. Yet his resurrection conquered sin, death, and every destructive force — including loneliness …

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Entering into the Supernatural

Have you ever experienced the frustration of pursuing a dream, only to feel like it’ll never be accomplished? In this message, Christian Cruz shares how God’s dreams for our lives may seem impossible by human standards, yet they are achievable through the power and resources provided by him. Learn how …

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In the Name of Jesus

Have you noticed some people get really bothered when followers of Jesus use his name in public? This isn’t a new thing! It’s exactly what Peter and John encounter in Acts 3-4. Today we’re diving into this story and discovering the power that’s found in the name of Jesus.

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Godly Sorrow

Have you ever been asked “How are you?” and you are feeling sorrow and in pain but answer with “I’m good, thank you.” Well, today, Pastor Kaelyn helps us understand the difference between feeling godly sorrow and feeling worldly sorrow. We look at ways we can develop and be transformed …

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If Jesus… is Lord

In this series we’ve been talking about three main attributes of Jesus: He is here, He is good, and today, He is Lord. But is one of these more important than the others? Yes! Everything else about Jesus flows from his Lordship. He has all authority over all things, and …

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If Jesus… is Good

When you hear that “Jesus is good,” you’re actually hearing a code phrase that means much more. It’s a statement declaring that EVERYTHING about Jesus is good – his nature, his mission, and his message are completely good all the time. And in today’s message we’re looking at one story, …

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