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Resurrecting Generosity Pt 2

In God’s words, “Be fruitful and multiply” we find instruction for living in His blessing. But many of us settle for fruitfulness and never experience God’s best for our lives. Rather than learning to generously multiply what God has provided, we try to hold on to what we have. But …

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Resurrecting Generosity Pt 1

What can four words teach us about generosity? God’s words, “Be fruitful and multiply,” are not only his blessing but are also instructions for how to live in this blessing. Being fruitful is all about flourishing in God’s favor, but multiplying is about giving so that others can flourish — …

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Crushing Anxiety Pt 2

Anxiety is common to all people — but God never intended for it to crush us. We’re called to resist it. Today we’re looking at a tool designed to help us “take every thought captive” so we can identify and interrogate those Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs!) that bring torment to …

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Crushing Anxiety Pt 1

We’re living in troubling times when an uncertain future can leave us tormented by the unwelcomed dread of anxiety. But God cares about our mental health — and Scripture speaks directly to this important topic. Today we’re discovering why it’s okay to admit we’re not okay, and what makes Jesus …

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