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Debunking the Lies

Our world is filled with lies that cause havoc in our lives: “You are not enough.” “You’ll never succeed.” “You’re too far gone — God would never forgive you.” We can’t turn to Snopes.com to debunk these lies, so where do we turn? Jesus gives us insight into how to …

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Why Follow Jesus?

John 3:16 is likely the most widely known verse in the entire Bible. But do you know what comes right before it? Jesus references one of the least-known stories — about Moses and snakes! Why did Jesus choose this obscure story, and what can we learn from it to help …

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A Slave of God

When we hear the idea about being a “slave of God,” it’s difficult to comprehend. For most of us it’s such a counterintuitive, and even negative, concept. But in Scripture, James and others talk about it in a very positive way. Today, Pastor Mike unpacks this idea and shares the …

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Love In Action

God has given you gifts — and he expects you to use them! That’s the message from Romans 12, and today Pastor Ken helps us discover why God’s gifts are so important for us to understand and use in our day-to-day lives.

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Facing Opposition: Romans 8

In one of the most iconic passages from the book of Romans, we’re hit with several non-rhetorical questions. It starts off with, “If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” And the answer is simple: lots of people! The reality is we face all kinds of opposition …

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Love-Informed Wisdom

One of the most memorable promises in the New Testament is found in the first chapter Philippians. We’re told that God will carry on to completion the good work he began in us. That’s great news — but what exactly does that look like? In the following verses, Paul actually …

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I Am Not Ashamed

Jesus talks about shame, but not in a way we typically think about it. In Mark 8, Jesus makes the hard statement that if we’re ashamed of him, then he’ll be ashamed of us. These are hard words, but Jesus isn’t being harsh. He’s being real. His words call us …

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Taking Men Alive

Taking inspiration from Jesus’ promise to make his followers “fishers of people,” Pastor Mike helps us grapple with the amazing diversity of ways to share the good news of Jesus with others.

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