Unplugged: The Spiritual Power of Fasting

January 10, 2021

Santa Maria Foursquare Church
Unplugged: The Spiritual Power of Fasting

When faced with painful hardship — like a gut-punch to the soul — the temptation is to give up or give in. But the way of Jesus is to get after it in faith. And one of the most consistent ways believers over the centuries have chosen to “get after it” is with prayer and fasting. Fasting is a season of unplugging from other power sources to more fully plug in to Jesus.

This message is a call to join the Santa Maria Foursquare Church family in fasting and prayer for the next 21 days, from Monday, January 11 through Sunday, January 31. Click here for a resources we’ll be following during these 21 days. And click here for a helpful resource on the topic of fasting.

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