The Ways of Jesus Pt 21 – John 18

In John Chapter 18 Jesus is struck — once physically by an official, but several other times in ways that were much more painful and personal by those who were rejecting His ways. In this pre-Easter season, we reflect on where we have also rejected Jesus and His ways. In the words of the theologian, John Stott, “Before we can begin to see the cross as something done for us, we have to see it as something done by us.”

Contending Pt 8 – Praying in the Spirit

Praying in the Spirit is to pray in agreement with God’s word and will. And while praying in the Spirit includes the use of a spiritual language — the gift of tongues — there’s much more to learn about this powerful way we can contend in prayer!

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Contending Pt 7 – Activating a Life of Prayer

Every time we pray, we’re declaring that Jesus is here, He is good, and He is Lord. In this message, we discover that out of those biblical realities flow many different kinds of prayer. It’s likely there’s a certain kind of prayer that fits with your unique personality  — so run with that. But we can also become prayer-adventurers, who bravely explore new ways to pray!

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Contending Pt 6 – Overcoming Obstacles

If contending in prayer was easy, we’d all be doing it! But let’s face it — there are obstacles to developing a life of prayer. Three of the biggest obstacles are our brains, brokenness, and busyness! Learn how we can move past these barriers on our way to becoming prayer revolutionaries.

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Contending Pt 5 – How Can I Pray Continually?

Jesus did it and taught us to do it as well: always be praying. One of the keys to contending in revolutionary prayer is to learn to pray continually, inviting God into every life circumstance in real time. In this message, we explore not only why this is important, but how it’s possible.

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Contending Pt 4 – Do I Have Enough Faith?

What happens when my prayers aren’t answered? Is it because I don’t have enough faith? Enter the story of Acts 12 — one filled with persecution, death, prayer, miraculous breakthrough, and even disbelief. It’s the story of people like us who are learning that prayer is where faith and real-life collide.

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Contending Pt 3 – The Language of Prayer

For followers of Jesus, prayer isn’t just something we do occasionally when we’re especially thankful or desperate. Prayer is the primary language of our faith and our love. Do you want to grow in your faith and intimacy with Jesus? Grow in your life of prayer!

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The Ways of Jesus Pt 18 – John 15

In John 15, Jesus declares that He is the true vine and that we are his branches. We’re told to “remain” in Him and expect to be “pruned” for fruitfulness. Kaelyn Mossholder explores this passage and shares from her own life how to abide in Jesus.

The Ways of Jesus Pt 17 – John 14

John 14 begins with these profound words from Jesus: “Don’t let your hearts be troubled!” What an important message for the days in which we live. While Jesus never promises a life without trouble, He empowers us to hang a “NO TRESPASSING” sign on our hearts that declares to trouble: you are not welcome here!

Caleb Quaye: What is Worship?

Caleb Quaye, former lead guitarist for Elton John (and many others!), shares his story of redemption and calling. And he takes us into a deeper understanding of worship. Caleb described worship as, “An act of faith based upon remembrance.” We worship as we remember what Jesus has done for us and in us.

And this might be the only message you’ve ever heard that’s interrupted by an amazing blues riff!