Crushing Anxiety Pt 2

Anxiety is common to all people — but God never intended for it to crush us. We’re called to resist it. Today we’re looking at a tool designed to help us “take every thought captive” so we can identify and interrogate those Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs!) that bring torment to our minds and souls.

Remember: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:18

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Crushing Anxiety Pt 1

We’re living in troubling times when an uncertain future can leave us tormented by the unwelcomed dread of anxiety. But God cares about our mental health — and Scripture speaks directly to this important topic. Today we’re discovering why it’s okay to admit we’re not okay, and what makes Jesus uniquely suited to take this heavy burden from us and lead us to needed rest. 

Cast Your Nets

Natalie Werking shares from Scripture and her own life about the importance of leaning in to God’s leading. God may be shifting the direction of our lives, and fruitfulness comes as we obediently follow his lead.

A Simple Plan Pt 5 – Sharing the Gospel

We’re finishing our series by discussing the importance of communicating the Good News of Jesus to others. And while that may sound a bit intimidating, we explore three ways to make this a simple and powerful part of our lives of faith. Click below for a helpful resource that goes along with today’s message.

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A Simple Plan Pt 4 – Connect to the Gospel

It’s clear that God calls us to give away our faith to others. But that doesn’t just happen by preaching a message; it can also take place as we intentionally and creatively bring others into contact with Jesus. Join us as we explore three simple ways to connect others to the Gospel, through the power of story, invitation, and prayer.

Refresh Pt 2 – Believe Me

In Isaiah 43:10 God says, “You are My witnesses…and My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe Me…” It’s great to believe in God — that He exists and has saved us. But we’re also called to simply believe God — putting our trust fully in His promises — believing He can, He will, and He is at work!

Refresh Pt 1 – Being Found by God

Proverbs 25:13 tells us, “Trustworthy messengers refresh like snow in summer.”This summer we’re being refreshed by trustworthy messengers who are speaking into our lives. Today Jennifer Thigpenn shares from Luke 15 about God seeking and finding us in our lostness — even when we feel insignificant, invisible or irresponsible.

The Devil’s Trap Pt 2 – You’re Not Enough

If the devil can’t trap us in shame, convincing us that we’re not enough, he’ll work to get us pointing angry fingers of shame at others, believing that God’s grace is not sufficient for them. Jesus gets to the heart of this issue in a story he told at a dinner party. What he said undoubtedly shocked those who heard him. But will we allow God to use us in shocking ways to extend his grace to the world around us?

The Devil’s Trap Pt 1

The enemy of your soul can’t steal your salvation — but will work round the clock to steal your joy and authority in Jesus. He uses the trap of shame to tell us we’re not enough. Let’s discover three ways we can avoid this huge shame-trap. (And listen to the end for a powerful testimony by Danyal Schultz!)

Building My Destiny Pt 6 – Purity

To live a faithful and fruitful life in Jesus, we’re called to live in purity. That’s a huge challenge because of our own sinful nature and the complexities of living in a broken world. It can feel like we’re marinating in sin. But Jesus made a way for us to break free from the gravitational pull of sin and live in freedom and without shame.