Building My Destiny Pt 6 – Purity

To live a faithful and fruitful life in Jesus, we’re called to live in purity. That’s a huge challenge because of our own sinful nature and the complexities of living in a broken world. It can feel like we’re marinating in sin. But Jesus made a way for us to break free from the gravitational pull of sin and live in freedom and without shame.

Building My Destiny Pt 5 – Faith

To discover what our faith has to do with our fruitfulness, we look back at the Israelites who were stuck in unbelief and weren’t able to enter their destiny. Even when those around us are operating without faith, we need to heed Paul’s words to Timothy: “But you must remain faithful to the things you have been taught” (2 Tim. 3:14).

Building My Destiny Pt 3 – Life

We’re continuing in our series on Destiny — examining how God calls us to build rock-solid faithfulness into our lives that will support the fruit He longs to bring. In first Timothy 3, Paul provides important instructions about the kinds of faithfulness we’re to see in people’s lives who are ready to live out their prophetic assignment.

Building My Destiny Pt 2 – Speech

In a letter the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, Paul gave him five things to work on to build a fruitful destiny. These five things — speech, life, love, faith and purity — are primary building materials we also need when constructing a rock-solid faithfulness on the foundation of Jesus. Today we examine our speech.

Building My Destiny Pt 1

God has an amazing destiny for each of us — a unique design to maximize our fruitfulness. But God’s design for our lives won’t build itself. We’re called to build it! And the construction has to start from the ground up.

The Ways of Jesus Pt 23 – John 21

In this concluding message from the Gospel of John, we see how Jesus worked to restore Peter — not just to renewed relationship, but with a renewed destiny as well. No matter what you’ve been through — your failures or brokenness — this is God’s heart for you as well! Just as Peter was able to hit RESET on his life and ministry, so can you!

The Ways of Jesus Pt 22 – John 19

Leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, he has an encounter with the Roman governor, Pilate. What is at the heart of their conversation is the lordship of Jesus — could He really be THE King? While his heart was answering YES, his actions communicated something very different. Pilate wrestled with the same thing we do today: is Jesus truly our Lord?

The Ways of Jesus Pt 21 – John 18

In John Chapter 18 Jesus is struck — once physically by an official, but several other times in ways that were much more painful and personal by those who were rejecting His ways. In this pre-Easter season, we reflect on where we have also rejected Jesus and His ways. In the words of the theologian, John Stott, “Before we can begin to see the cross as something done for us, we have to see it as something done by us.”

Contending Pt 8 – Praying in the Spirit

Praying in the Spirit is to pray in agreement with God’s word and will. And while praying in the Spirit includes the use of a spiritual language — the gift of tongues — there’s much more to learn about this powerful way we can contend in prayer!

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Contending Pt 7 – Activating a Life of Prayer

Every time we pray, we’re declaring that Jesus is here, He is good, and He is Lord. In this message, we discover that out of those biblical realities flow many different kinds of prayer. It’s likely there’s a certain kind of prayer that fits with your unique personality  — so run with that. But we can also become prayer-adventurers, who bravely explore new ways to pray!

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