Contending Pt 2 – Shaping the Future

Why pray? If God is sovereign and above all things, what difference could my prayers make? Over and over again, Scripture tells us that our prayers literally shape the future. That’s why Jesus taught us to contend in prayer for God’s will to be enacted here on earth, just as it is in heaven. But His will isn’t only for our circumstances to be changed through prayer — He wants us changed us as well!

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All In – Empowered

When Jesus gave His greatest command — to go ALL IN with our love for God and others — he knew we wouldn’t be able to do this in our own strength. All humanity has experienced pain and sin that’s left us broken. So, “He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit” (Titus 3:3-6). The Holy Spirit provides the empowerment we need to go ALL IN, as people who are moving from brokenness to wholeness in Jesus!

Jesus Week: Intro

Our mission as followers of Jesus is to become more and more like Him. And when Jesus gave us the Greatest Commandment, He provided a blueprint for doing that very thing: by loving God fully with our heart, soul, mind and strength, plus loving others as well. Over these next days we’re stepping into Jesus Week, as we’re asking God to redeem, realign and reignite each facet of our lives. Find details and additional resources here:

The Ways of Jesus Pt 20 – John 17

Our annual “Christmas Culture Sunday” where we join both our congregations together to worship in English and Spanish. John 17 was a perfect passage for this gathering as we looked at Jesus’ prayer for UNITY in His followers. 

The Ways of Jesus Pt 2 – Gospel of John

Pastor Tim brings an overview of the Ways of Jesus as seen in the Gospel of John. While we’ll be looking at many of Jesus’ ways in our series, there are five specific categories in which they fall.

The Ways of Jesus are:

  1. Illuminated by God
  2. Accessed through faith
  3. In conflict with our ways
  4. Marked by clear boundaries
  5. Leading to eternal life

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In the Beginning Pt 9 – Joseph

Joseph’s life was a crazy adventure — from prison to the palace — as he became the one God could use to accomplish a great mission. Learn from his story the lesson all of us desperately need: “I can’t — but God can.”

How Faith Works, Pt 3 – Unleashing our Faith

From Hebrews 10:23, we find five connected thoughts that give us an understanding of how faith works in our lives. In Part Three we see that our faith is never intended to just be good for us alone. Faith’s goal is to bring God’s goodness to the world around us!

The YES of Baptism

Choosing to be baptized in water is an important decision for those who follow Jesus. Baptism is a spiritual action that publicly affirms what we believe, and aligns our lives to what God has planned for us. Dive in!

Rooted – A Fruitful Life

In the parable of the sower, Jesus describes one kind of a soil that allows deep roots and fruitful living. There are two specific qualities found in the lives of fruitful people: they are growing to be like Jesus, and reproducing his life in the lives of others.

Rooted – Discipleship

Our journey of faith is more than a one-time decision to trust in Jesus – we’re called to put down deep roots and grow as His disciples. Learn about three things all disciples do to grow. CLICK HERE to download notes for this message.