The Christmas Announcement

Most people don’t like change. But the reality of that first Christmas is that it was incredibly disruptive. In fact, Christmas changed everything — the God who created the universe showed up and intersected human history. And the announcement of this miracle was made by an angel to some shepherds, and at first, it freaked them out! But what the angel said moved them from fear to becoming joy-filled, seekers of Jesus — and it will do the same for us.

Surrounded by Glory

For many, Christmas has become nothing more than a tiresome ritual. Can the joy be restored? Perhaps a key is to experience the same glory of the Lord that shone around the shepherds that first Christmas night. It terrified them for a moment — but this unexpected, different and supernatural glory, became the source of great joy and inspiration. May it be the same for us!

Christmas: the Gift of Miracles

Much of our faith can be described as the intersection of the natural and supernatural — and Christmas is a fantastic reminder of how God shows up miraculously in the midst of our very natural stories.

The Christmas Solution

In a world with so much chaos, pain, and division, where is the place of the church? Is there an answer? Foursquare General Supervisor, Tammy Dunahoo, says, “Yes, there is an answer and it’s found in the Christmas season. Advent — God coming to earth — changes everything.”

Christmas: the Gift of Generosity

As we move through the Holidays, we’re often faced with ugliness of consumerism and greed. Yet, as God’s people we’re called to seek out what’s best and most beautiful about Christmas — and generosity is an amazing way to confront a spirit of greediness!

Christmas: the Gift of Tradition

For those who are uncertain about celebrating a joy-filled Christmas, this message will bring you hope! We can find God’s redemptive purpose for Christmas by developing traditions that reflect what’s best and most beautiful about this season.

The Christmas Gift

How does on receive the greatest Christmas gift of all? The life of Jesus’ mother, Mary, gives us a deep insight. Join us for this bilingual Christmas message!

God’s Favor

It was said of Mary, the mother of Jesus, that she was highly favored. Learn what favor is all about and how we can walk in it as well.

Christmas Culture!

Once each year we celebrate the beauty and diversity of God’s people at SM4! Listen in to this bilingual service to discover God’s heart to bring reconciliation at Christmas.